We live in truly wonderful times. Everyday our brightest minds come up with something new and unique. It truly feels like everyday is like Christmas, we are given gifts of innovation such as ever-changing, more sophisticated cell phones and computers. All thanks to the flag bearers of our civilization – entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs these days are popular in the same vein as athletes and rockstars. Kids these days are just as likely to want to be Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk as they want to be LeBron James or Bryce Harper.  To be really good at sports you have to train a lot, to be a successful musician you have to sing a lot (talent helps too, but you get the point).

But how do you become an entrepreneur?

Some say that you need to be born with it. Some say you need to be a genius. While being smart certainly helps in starting a business, nobody is born to be an entrepreneur.

There are steps that you need to take to get there, young entrepreneur. While there is no guaranteed formula to become a successful entrepreneur, the allure of the uncertainty is what in part makes entrepreneurship so appealing for everyone.

First, you need to define what are you good at, and it does not have to be in tech.For instance, if you are good at knitting you can be an exceptional tailor and leverage it in your business venture, you just have to play your cards right. While it helps to be a great tailor you still need to distinguish yourselves from other tailors. This is true that being really good at your craft helps out alot. However, it perhaps matters more that people know that you are superb at knitting, otherwise what really is the point? Anyway, you need to make sure that next time people rip their clothes, they will know where to look for a tailor. Thus, you need to establish a good serviceable advertising campaign.

You need to become more active in your community. You can be the best knitter in the world, but if no one knows about your talents, you will never succeed in your venture. You need to attend events, meet like-minded individuals and move forward with them. You are going to do an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and thus get your name out, so people who are interested in your product will have your information available to them. You are going to have to become active on LinkedIn since most of the business world lives there. Your primary goal is to promote your business

At that point, your main objective is to make friends with other businesses that compliment your product in any way. If you establish a good partnership, your partner can carry you during the tougher times. For the sake of a demonstration, we can use the tailor example from before. If your partner is a good material maker, it would be much easier for you to negotiate a contract for the wools that you need as such enabling you to only worry about stitching and knitting. At the same time, if you and other tailors compete for the supplier, a supplier would be more inclined to work with someone he knows, provided the fair offer of course.

With that being said the primary assumption is your work ethic. Business isn’t about yacht lifestyle and glamorous parties. At the end of the day, business is about sleepless nights, endless work and sky-high cortisol levels. But in the end the reward is exceptional. Any business owner is facing tremendous instability when he starts out, because as a leader he is responsible for everything that happens within his enterprise. While some of the owner’s employees might slack, the owner can’t. Work ethic is what is assumed, and no one is giving brownie points for it.

Most importantly you don’t need to follow a convention. You need not follow anyone, but you need to pave the path that is your own. This is the key to becoming an entrepreneur – be a creator not just an administrator. Come up with an original solution to a problem that humanity faces. The world will love you, and the world will pay you.

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