Why digital marketing

The basics

You might be asking yourself, hmm… Should I be diving into this social media marketing thing?
The short answer is Yes!!! And I will tell you why.

Do i need to get facebook twitter instagram youtube pinterest

But first let’s do a quick recap of what social media marketing is. It’s simple, and is exactly what it sounds like, it’s marketing on social media platforms. At the moment the most popular social media platforms are:

-Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube

But hey, the list is continuing to grow, so it’s important to stay up to date on what new platforms are coming out. Now that we have gone over that, here is why you should be marketing on social media.

The cost

Sweat, blood, tears, laptops, microwave food, pizza delivery

Firstly Social media is all about chatting, interacting with others discussions opinions, sharing ideas and views… socializing. And what better way to let your audience know what up are up to, than interacting with them. Want people to know about your product? Your service? Your business? Well how are they supposed to know if you are not interacting with them? By simply signing up for a free social media account you are able to:

1. Let your audience know you exist;
2. Lets you interact with them and;
3. Build meaning relationships.
4. You can also show them what awesome things you are doing.
5. This will increase your exposure;
6. And lead to more traffic

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Now what

You are probably thinking fantastic, but what social media platform do I start with? How do I get it to grow? When will I see the result?

Building a social media presence takes time, effort, and patience. Just like having a conversation in real life, 2 parties need to exchange information. But that information should also have substance, and be of quality, otherwise, people will lose interest. The same goes for Social Media.

So if you are thinking of swimming in this ocean, let’s chat. We have helped others like you, so give us a call, send a text, email, you can even DM (direct message) us on Facebook, Instagram. We’re savvy.

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