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Conversion optimization

With faster and faster internet speeds, consumers have increased expectations online. For instance, if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load many users will bounce (jargon word meaning they will not visit your website). Yes, conversion optimization on your website or landing page on the back-end matters too, but hear me out.

Now that your website or landing page has loaded, what’s next? Well, people are checking out your ad, and that’s rad, but if they are not converting then that’s sad (Had to do a little rhyme there 😉 ).

So how can we make them convert, how can we make them sign up, or buy your awesome product? Well as mentioned above, people, especially consumers, are time sensitive. Again, 2 seconds of load time is too long. A great example of a company that helped its consumers save time, is Amazon. They knew people were getting tired of performing multiple clicks, just to buy a product. So they introduced the 1 click purchase. I don’t know about you, but this has definitely led me to make some questionable purchases because it was soo easy.

UX First

Keep it intuitive, like Amazon

The important take away here is that Amazon doesn’t have a “pretty” website. However, they have a website that has considered all aspects of the customer journey. Sometimes, we believe that in order for a conversion to take place, it must look pretty. But using Amazon as a prime example, it doesn’t have to be as long as the process is intuitive.

A great resource to get your mind opened up to the world of UX is He breaks down a lot of large organization user experience and highlights the pros, cons, and what can be improved upon.

So the next time you create a website, landing page, or ad, keep his tips in mind. You might notice a big difference in your conversion rate.

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