We grow brands with thoughtful and impactful visual communication.

A Setsail marketer produces elevated visuals that convey good feelings - it all started with a desire to elevate aesthetics and usability in the world around us.

Our team

Each “Sailor” brings a distinctive skill to the team. However; we are all creatively unique and highly effective storytellers, no matter the medium.

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Photo - Jason Atakhanov

Jason Atakhanov

Founder, Brand & Strategy

Photo - Evie Avramova

Evie Avramova

Head of Operations

Photo - Olly Cooper

Olly Cooper

Creative Director

Photo - Katerina Vopalkova

Katerina Vopalkova

Web Developer

Photo - Mark Collins

Mark Collins

Copywriter, Social Media Manager

Photo - Jonah Klein

Jonah Klein

Video & Audio Technician