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The client

Tokeit is an app enabling users to find and buy the best cannabis products for themselves.

Our challenge

To raise brand awareness we directed and produced an online video series called Meet the creative. Finding a way to promote cannabis can be a challenge as it’s a highly regulated industry. We saw this as an opportunity to do something different.

One of the most positive effects of cannabis it’s the creativity it sparks in people. We wanted to create content that inspired others to be creative, to pick up a brush, to take a picture or to try a new recipe. This resulted in a series of short videos featuring some of the most talented creatives based in B.C. These intimate portraits give the audience an insight into the creative process of these talented people, something you hardly ever see in real life.

Tokeit - Tokeit Website Home Page

Tokeit Website Home Page

Website Creatives Page


The series had a great impact and it was a pleasure to promote a cannabis related product in a positive way while supporting local talent.

Website Home Page “Who We Are”

Tokeit - Tokeit “Meet The Creatives” Video Trailer

Tokeit “Meet The Creatives” Video Trailer