We Discover.

We value your input. Before we jump into research of our own, we always hear out what you have to say through detailed discovery sessions. During these sessions, the goal is to be on the same page. From ROI goals, design preferences, crazy ideas to market positioning, collaborations and partnership deals – our entire team ensures no stones are left unturned.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marking is kind of like navigating stormy seas. Unpredictable and constantly changing, and before you know it, you could end up at the bottom of the ocean. Fear not, however as we are here to provide you with the tools you need to safely SetSail. Here is how we do it!

We Strategize.

Following our discovery session, we take our collaborative ideas and begin to translate them into actionable items based on market research. We want our ideas to be effective as possible while being sustainable and efficient. We take our findings and organize them into a strategy document, which will lay out everything in an easily digestible manner.

We Create,
We Design

Not everything needs to be a Hollywood production. On the other hand, not everything can be shot on a smartphone. We understand this balance and provide our clients with photography, graphic design, and videography work that is undeniably high quality, but doesn’t take years to produce. Working efficiently and creating pieces that will still resonate with your audience at a constant rate–that is the type of content creation we do.

We Publish.

Content is nothing without a powerful publishing strategy. We apply our customer behaviour research to maximize the reach of our posts. Similarly, pay-per-click ads are tactically put in place with specific key performance indicators in the conversion funnel.

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We Analyze.

Our methodical approach to promotion is set for success as we measure every step of the customers journey. From strangers to visitors, to browsers, to shopping carts, to purchasers, to referrals – analytical knowledge gives us guidance for further changes and optimizations.

To keep the team accountable and clients informed – we generate regular reports that outline the progress, findings, changes, and further steps.

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Say hello

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